Boost sales with Mega BundleShopify app to bundle products.

Boost your sales and ROI with Mega Bundle - bundle products together and create unique offers. See an increase of up to 35% in sales with this powerful tool.

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Features provided by Mega bundle

Bundle products

Maximize your e-commerce sales with Mega Bundle - the powerful Shopify app that allows you to bundle products and create unique offers on the product page. Increase revenue by selling products in bulk and take your online store to the next level.

Customize theme

Easily match Mega Bundle to the look of your store. Customize the color scheme, and other design elements to seamlessly integrate the app into your e-commerce website.

Easy to use

Effortlessly create product bundles with Mega Bundle. Our native Shopify experience and minimal feature set makes it easy for you to navigate and use the app to boost your sales and increase ROI.

Light weight and fast

Experience lightning-fast performance with Mega Bundle. Our lightweight app won't slow down your store. Even on slow networks, you can seamlessly bundle products and increase sales.

2500+ Businesses trust Mega Bundle with their store


Why our customers love Mega Bundle?

Discover why customers love Mega Bundle. Our app provides a powerful feature set that allows businesses to easily bundle products and create unique offers. We're proud to empower our customers to monetize their products more effectively.

Easy integration on the website
Easily install the powerful Mega Bundle on your website with just one click. User-friendly and requiring minimal technical knowledge, it's the perfect solution for enhancing your e-commerce website's functionality.
Minimal UI and features
The Mega Bundle offers essential tools for bundling products together, making it easy for even merchants with minimal technical knowledge to understand and use. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the bundling process, providing an efficient solution for enhancing your e-commerce store.
Strong community support
Experience the power of Mega Bundle, trusted by thousands of merchants worldwide and continually expanding its capabilities. With frequent updates, you can be sure that new features requested by our growing user base will be delivered to you as soon as they become available.
Cost effective
Get more value for your money with Mega Bundle. Our solution offers top-quality features at a fraction of the cost of other options available in the market, making it a cost-effective choice for enhancing your e-commerce store.

Getting started

How to get started with Mega Bundle ?

E-commerce merchants, take your online store to the next level by using the Mega Bundle, packed with powerful features

Install the Mega Bundle app

E-commerce merchants using Shopify, easily install the Mega Bundle app to your store and start boosting your sales and productivity today.

Create bundles for the necessary products

After installing the Mega Bundle app on your Shopify store, navigate to the app to create custom product bundles and boost sales.
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